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FTL Distribution is the foremost Canadian distributor of ASCERA Zirconia Ceramic vape cartridges, Jware premium hand-rolled cones, and CR packaging to suit your brand.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Flower, Pre-rolls, Vape Carts & Edibles

Pair your ASCERA Zirconia Ceramic 510-vape cartridges or Jware pre-roll cones with CRATIV’s extensive lineup of airtight, sustainable containers and inserts.







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FTL Distribution is the foremost distributor of ASCERA Zirconia Ceramic 510-Vape Cartridges, Voltair Batteries and Jware premium hand-rolled pre-roll cones


ASCERA 510 Vape
Cartridges & Batteries

Expertly crafted from Zirconia Ceramic, a highly durable, inert and pure material. Nearly as strong as steel, without the risk of oxidization, heavy metals, or ionic charge. Custom OEM branding opportunities available.

Premium Hand-Rolled Pre-roll Cones

Work with FTL Distribution to secure your pre-roll cone supply production to receive exclusive manufacturer discounts.

Sustainable Tubes, Containers & Inserts

FTLD has partnered with a variety of sustainable packaging brands, in order to reduce plastic waste within the cannabis industry.

Stand Out From The Competition

Connect with our team to discuss custom & OEM options for your pre-roll, 510 vape cartridge, battery and packaging needs.