"Nobody Makes Vape Devices For Cannabis The Way We Do".

Make no compromise when it comes to your customer’s experience with the unrivaled quality and reliability of the AVEO 510 Vape Hardware. The AVEO team will get behind your brand and creative goals to design and produce the perfect cartridge.

● Aveo510 Easy-Press

The AVEO 510 Easy-Press combined a glass tank with a low torque press-on capping solution, eliminating the need for
additional equipment such as an arbor press. The Easy-Press design has been adopted by many of today’s leading vape brand manufacturers seeking maximum workflow efficiency, glass purity and an effective child resistance mechanism.

0.5 mL. METAL
AVEO Easy Press

● AVEO510
Press Release™ (PRL®)

The Press-Release™ (PRL®) is the next generation of the Easy-Press, incorporating a wider filling channel for automation, a proprietary unlocking function allowing labs easier access during testing, and offering more choices to consumers who wish to refill.

● Mouthpiece Options


Plastic mouthpieces are an affordable option for brands seeking maximum value while maintaining high performance. The Helix mouthpiece option contains a spiral, which lengthens the airway passage, allowing the vapors to travel further, mix with more air, and cool down. The Helix mouthpieces come with a child-resistance mechanism only compatible with the Easy-Press cartridge bases. AVEO also offers flat and barrel plastic mouthpiece options mechanism (only compatible with Easy-press cartridge bases).


Ceramic mouthpieces have emerged as an industry favorite due to its premium finish and hygienic benefits. AVEO 510 ceramic mouthpieces are compatible with both Easy-Press and Press-Release™ (PRL®), available in black or white. Both options come with child-resistant mechanisms and are available in flat or barrel format.


Designed to complement both the Easy-Press and Press Release™ (PRL®), the AVEO Hemp-Plastic blend uses 15% less plastic, and produces 25% lower carbon footprint, compared to traditional plastic mouthpieces. The Hemp mouthpiece is available in both the flat and barrel format.


●Pulse Battery

Popular and Simple

The Pulse’s temperature control  algorithm is designed to prevent overheating and burning of sensitive oils by sending intermittent pulses of power to the heating coil, rather than a uniform pulse which creates an uneven vaping experience.

● URTH2 Disposable


AVEO’s extensive experience in
the industry and control over their supply chain ensures that URTH is made with the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing safety measures.


URTH2 simplifies the process of filling your vape with a cutting-edge design that enables the use of a wide range of filling needles  (down to 14 gauge) – requiring less pressure to fill.

Urth2 Was Designed With The Environment In Mind


URTH2’s advanced ceramic formula prevents overheating and burning of premium oils -ensuring a smooth, flavourful and safe vaping experience, without sacrificing the big cloud


URTH2’s universal micro-USB port ensures your consumer never wastes any oil, while minimizing lithium battery waste.


URTH2’s proprietary
unlocking feature allows for the unlocking and opening of the device, providing a safe and easy.

Jigs & Automation

More Margin with Automation

In a competitive market, manually filling and capping cartridges one at a time is costly and highly inefficient. AVEO offers pre-racked 510 cartridges and mouthpieces in automation-compatible jigs, designed to work with all leading platforms – Convectium, Thompson Duke, ATG and Vapejet.


Custom Production Timeline


Approved artwork + deposit starts production

5-7 Days to produce sample

Total lead times for Cartridges is 2-4 weeks

OEM lid can add up to 1 full week to match colors and design

For each multiple of MOQ, add 1 day of production time

7-14 days Air Freight.
30 days sea freight. Shipment after final payment