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Nobody Makes Vape Devices For Cannabis The Way We Do.

Not Just Salesmen! Our strategic network of Value-Added Distributors offer fair and honest prices you’d often see directly from the factory. By providing localized warehousing and logistics, in-house customization and automation solutions, our partners remove the complexity out of sourcing vape hardware


Free up your cash with shorter turnaround times. On average, we can offer you a 50% faster turnaround compared to normal cartridge printing.

We can offer more competitive prices than standard printing. You can save an average of 40% compared to conventional printing especial with more complex designs.


No matter what your design, with our method of label printing we can bring in to life. Even trans- parent partial labels avalaible as well


AVEO printed labels are removable. The war- ning symbol and design can be removed if desired.

3. 360° PRINTS

Our labels offer the ability to print 360° allowing for interesting designs or something as simple as just a logo on one side and warning on the other. Whatever your needs are.


Get creative. With the advantages of AVEO label printing we can offer far more options than conventional printing. Allowing for a more customizable cartridge to help you stand out.


510-thread cartridge sales remain dominant for most brands yet the design makes automated manufacturing hard to implement and highly labor intensive. We don’t manage halfway around the world. 

AVEO Easy Press


The Easy-press combines a glass tank and a low torque press on capping solution that doesn’t require additional equipment (i.e. arbor press.) This design has been adopted by many of today’s leading vape brand manufacturers seeking maximum workflow efficiency, the purity of glass and child resistance. 

Pulse Battery

Our Pulse Battery is a popular and simple design that incorporates our temperature control algorithm designed to prevent overheating and burning of sensitive oils by sending intermittent pulses of power to the heating coil rather than a direct pulse that creates an uneven vaping experience.  


The Urth is a powerful ALL-IN-ONE device that incorporates our very own plant-based plastics with our flavor-preserving heating core, an integrated Helix mouthpiece that creates a cooling effect, a charge port, and a sturdy base to keep your device standing upright.

More Margin with Automation

Jigs & Automation

In a competitive market, manually filling and capping cartridges one by one is highly inefficient. Increased time, wasted labor, lack of consistency, you name it. We deliver pre-racked cartridges and mouthpieces with our easy to use jigs for automation. Compatible with all leading automation platforms: Convectium, Thompson Duke, ATG, and Vapejet.


From product performance to shorter lead times, we deliver quality and assurance which requires constant innovations to make your production tasks run smoother while making your company more profitable.

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