Automatic Filling

Maintain your filling production with the RoboCAP system while still having the flexibility to pivot production at any time, upgrade, and change product lines.

The Automated RoboCAP System

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established organization, the RoboCAP provides a filling system that has the ability to meet all your current and future filling needs with one robot. Providing the opportunity to scale as your production demands grow, the RoboCAP

MonoBlox Press

The MonoBlox Product Suite consists of the MonoBlox, the MonoPress, and the MonoTray. This setup is ideal for filling & capping press top cartridges.


Increase Productivity with the ASCERA A-Block 3×3 Solution!
144 Pre-racked Cartridges on 16 MonoBlox, to be used with ATG Pharma’s MonoBlox Press

Output Per Hour
1,200 - 2,000 Cartridges

Designed to optimize low-volume product filling (up to 5ml) for maximum efficiency, our RoboCAP RL-300 Volumetric (VF) utilizes backpressure, heat and volumetric displacement to guarantee a +/- 2% filling accuracy with the same speed and consistency as our other RoboCAP systemsClients can upgrade to 2 nozzles with our heating and mixing system and 4 nozzles without heating to meet every company’s production demands!

Proprietary 3×3 block design optimizes throughput and removes unnecessary delays in production.

Pre-racked 3×3 trays arrive ready to take from packaging to filling. No more loading or unloading trays!

Lids racked in 3×3 foam, fitted perfectly for capping in the press with no additional setup.

Increase Productivity with the
ASCERA A Block 3X3 Solution!
144 Pre-racked Cartridges on 16 MonoBlox

●Production Data
The ASCERA throughput advantage

/ HR
carts filled &capped per operator
/ HR

= Only 2 operators needed

** Please note that depending on the location/regulations surrounding QA and Secondary < Packaging,  additional personnel may be needed. This role may vary across different operators.These numbers reflect a dual-nozzle filling system. A single-nozzles system may yield different throughputs & personnel requirements, and could vary slightly between setups.

The Manual Filling System With ML-1

Are you a non-industrial or small startup company? Get your production started right away with the ML-1 unit! Using the same parts and components as our semi-auto RoboCAP system, the ML-1 is an excellent starting point for businesses looking to auto their smaller batch products without compromising accuracy. When your production volumes increase, place your current ML-1 nozzle onto the RoboCAP to upgrade your production instantly.

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