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Shred, de-stem and sift within 7 seconds with Futurola’s range of shredders.

Handcrafted to the highest quality-control standards using super thin Futurola® Rolling Paper.

Fill between 50 and 300 pre-roll cones in 2 minutes using the Futurola Knockbox.


Futurola specializes in pre-roll packing machines and trimming machines. They are quickly becoming a household name in the pre-roll world

Fill 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes with the Futurola Knockbox 3/100 + Standard Filling Kit

Fill up to 300 pre-rolled cones in 90 seconds with the Knockbox300

All Shapes And Sizes


Futurola’s exclusive production vertical, designed and developed in Los Angeles, California, boasts a comprehensive 4-step system to maximize production levels.
From shredding and destemming 5 pounds in 7 seconds, to filling 300 Pre-Rolls in 90 seconds, and sealing certified-child resistant Cone Lock™ Tubes in tamper-evident shrink sleeves, we provide all the essentials for success.

Futurola Sheredders
Maximizing production volumes

In this fast-paced, constantly expanding industry, productivity is everything. It brings us great pleasure to watch our clients grow and succeed through the implementation of our innovations. We know that your time is money, and our friends at Futurola have made it his business to ensure that you have a little more of both.