510 VAPE

ASCERA products promise the highest quality vaping experience. Our 510 ceramic vape cartridges offer unique triangular aspiration holes providing better uptake and less product loss.

ASCERA Zirconia ceramic vape cartridges have been designed in accommodate a range of cannabis oil viscosities so your Company is better able to meet a variety of unique customer needs.

Speak with a sales agent to learn more about how ASCERA Cartridges and Disposables can be shipped pre-racked for the Thompson Duke ACF1 / IZR FIlling Machine, or ATG Pharma Monoblox system.

Tank Breakdown

What's Inside Your Tank?

Ceramic or Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece

FKM Gaskets

Zirconia Ceramic Post w/Triangular Aspiration Hole

FKM  Gaskets

Lock-Tight-Lid or Screw-on Mouthpiece Insert

Borosilicate ‘Scientific Glass’

Screen printing /full wrap OEM for logo design.

Japanese Cotton Wick + Quartz Coil.

Standard 510 Thread