●Thompson Duke

Automatic Industrial Filling Machine (IZR)

The IZR is the latest installment of the TD automation hardware suite. The IZR automatically fills cartridges, pods, capsules, syringes and jars directly in the manufacturers packaging (custom tooling may be required).

The IZR features a larger tray able to accommodate up to 252 cartridges, and a large 500mL heated glass oil reservoir. Adjust the large 1.420 gram dispense capacity precisely with a simplified, knob-based dispense volume adjustment. Quickly configure tray arrays for new devices introduced to the market with custom trays available for non-standard devices.

  • 1200+ units / hour

Automatic Filling Machine (ACF1)

FTLD is a proud Value-added partner of Thompson Duke the most cost effective way to fill empty vape cartridges on the market. Fully automated vape tank filling for all scales of production. FTLD’s ASCERA series come pre-packed ready to be racked on to this machine for fast filling.

  • 1200+ units/hour