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Retail Ready Cones & Papers

BioRoll Organic Hand-rolled Leaf Wraps: Terpene Infused

100% Natural & Organic
  • Not Grown with Toxic Fertilizers
  • Not Treated with Pesticides
  • No Added Preservatives and Chemicals
Nicotine & Tobacco Free

Suited for everyone looking for Tobacco free alternative

Slow Burning

Leaf Wraps are naturally slow burning providing you with enjoyable pulls at an even burn

Smooth & Clean Pulls

Simply Fill ‘N’ Smoke

Handrolled & Tied

No need to worry about toxic glues/adhesives and the bacteria in the saliva of that shared roll. These fresh leaf wraps create a natural seam when rolled and dried in the sun

Wu-Tang Rolling Papers & Trays

Wu Tang Rolling Papers More than just 100% Organic/ Pure Hemp Rolling Papers- 100% Wu Tang Approved!! Make a statement- Live the life with Wu Tang Rolling Papers!

The Wu-Tang rolling tray features the iconic Wu-Tang logo and is officially licensed.


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