Magnum GPCx

The KungTech Magnum GPCx is a beautifully engineered pre-roll centrifuge-packing machine that can produce 396 consistently packed and measured pre-rolls per pound of cannabis in less than 60 seconds per cycle. Its patent-pending Honey Pods and FDA-approved, true non-stick and poreless material can accommodate any size or model cone to ensure perfect seating and zero wrinkling. The Magnum is custom made for the cannabis industry, dynamically balanced, and boasts a black-hole design that offers maximum power while retaining its compact size for work-friendly operations.

KungTech Vexar - Rendering

VXR Shredder

Get the perfect grind with the KungTech Magnum GPCx VEXAR, an elegantly engineered grinder designed for speed and precision. With a unique double-sided shredding wheel and stainless steel auger hopper, this compact and robust machine can shred one pound of dried product into ready-to-process product within minutes. With 99% throughput and 0% waste, you can trust this grinder to consistently deliver an ultra-consistent cut with one pass through.


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