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What determines failure rates in pre-rolled cone automation?

1Q 84/26 Pre-roll Cones

What determines failure rates in pre-rolled cone automation?

As the cannabis industry grows and becomes more prominent, many are looking towards pre-rolled cone automation to increase their brand’s production.

However, in order to have a successful pre-rolling operation there are a few things that must be considered when choosing the equipment and paper for your facility.

It’s more like a… “joint” operation.

Pre-rolled joint success has two major factors to consider.
The machine is the obvious first candidate. If you are using a low quality, high maintenance machine,then you’re likely going to have lots of downtime, messy cleaning procedures, and worst of all, lots of product lossage. This is also impacted by weak tensile strength paper that is not rolled to tolerance.

The machines fittings must be exact, and the cones must match the fitting. Weak, non-tensile paper also allows small stems to rip through your paper with ease, while brittle or improperly stored and transported paper may crumple or become misshaped. Both of these conditions are symptoms of low quality, improper rolling, or poor transpiration and storage.

Good paper can be hard to find, these days…

The quality of the paper is arguably the most important thing to consider, and is the key factor in product failure (but contributes to losage as well). The paper must be made from quality materials, by a quality mill and stored and transported properly. If any one of these three things aren’t up to par, then failure rates will increase drastically. Even if everything else is perfect, if you use poor quality paper then prepare for high failure rates, categorized by losage, tares, or crumpled cones. The Czech Republic produces the highest quality paper in the world, and a trend towards sourcing from there has caught on. Smart brands, like Jiwa, have moved their sourcing to the Czech. But what makes them special?

Who’s Checking the Czech?

You might be asking: Why is Czech Republic the best paper in the world?
Let’s look at what makes Czech Republic so special.

First of all, Czech paper is made from only the highest quality materials. They use only kraft pulp and 100% natural fibers to make every sheet of paper—a fact that helps ensure you have an excellent smoking experience.

And second, each sheet is produced by people who know what they’re doing and how to do it well. The production process has been perfected over decades of practice and careful attention to detail, ensuring that your pre-rolled cones will fill smoothly! The advanced machines, quality source material, and well- trained staff ensure consistency of output. Czech paper is among the most sought-after paper because of its tensile strength and quality of final product.

Too Dry? Not Dry Enough!?

Keep in mind that moisture is the enemy of all machines. If the flower is too wet, it will clog up your pre-rolled cones. This creates a double-edged sword, because dry flower turns to a fine powder, which flows with the moving air right into the components of your automation machine. The sweet spot is finding the right machine, the right cones, and the perfect humidity for your flower to grind in to a soft powder; not an aerosolized dust.

Moldy paper is the bane of pre-rolled

cone production.

If you’ve ever opened up a bag of pre-rolled cones and found them to be moldy, there’s a good chance the humidity level in the supply chain was too high. Mold grows when the paper is stored in conditions that are too humid for too long. Even if the paper was made properly, it can deteriorate over the supply chain. Working with vendors who understand this is key.

Moldy paper is not only unsightly; it’s also illegal to sell any consumable products that are contaminated with mold spores. In addition, even one batch of moldy cones can ruin production and supply chain because they will have to be thrown out—not just on their own but whole batches of contaminated product. If the humidity levels are too high enough for long enough, the flower inside the cones could also turn moldy which poses serious health risks to consumers.

Balance maintenance with cost.

When you’re looking at operation cost and uptime, the question that immediately comes up is: How often do these machines need to be serviced? The answer is a little tricky. It depends on how well-maintained they are and how often they are used. It also depends on the quality of your cones, and how finely ground and dry your cannabis is.

The better cones have fewer issues with spillage—and spillage increases the frequency of cleaning and maintenance significantly. So, when comparing machines: If you use a machine with high-quality cones and lower failure rates, then there will be less chance that your equipment will need frequent cleaning or adjustment. Still, make sure to pick a quality machine that is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
– such as the

1Q 84/26 Pre-roll Cones
900 Unbleached ONE-Q CONES 84/26

Certifications, quality, and value.

The need to buy from the best sources, as well as the right equipment and materials, is a key factor in maintaining a high quality of your pre-rolled cones. When you buy from a reputable supplier, they should be providing you with the COA’s of the paper to prove the quality and authenticity of the goods. COA’s, or Certificates of Authenticity, allow you to buy with confidence that the materials used are not only correct, but compliant to health regulations.

Pre rolled cones have been around for decades and are the most convenient way to smoke. They can be filled with ground cannabis flower or pre-ground herb. We hope this article has provided valuable information on why pre rolled joints fail at such a high rate and how avoid it by choosing the right equipment and getting your cones from the best sources. Brands like and are great examples of quality goods you can rely on.


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