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ASCERA products promise the highest quality vaping experience. Our XT-75 ceramic vape cartridges offer unique triangular aspiration holes providing better uptake and less product loss.

ASCERA Zirconia ceramic vape cartridges have been designed in accommodate a range of cannabis oil viscosities so your Company is better able to meet a variety of unique customer needs.

Speak with a sales agent to learn more about how ASCERA Cartridges and Disposables can be shipped pre-racked for the Thompson Duke ACF1 / IZR FIlling Machine, or ATG Pharma Monoblox system.

Tank Breakdown

What's Inside Your Tank?

Jewellery Ceramic, Ceramic, or Bamboo Mouthpiece

Viton or Silicone Gaskets

Jewellery Grade Ceramic Post w/Triangular

Viton or Silicone Gaskets

PTFE Lock-Tight-Lid or Screw-on Mouthpiece Insert

Borosilicate ‘Scientific Glass’

Japanese Cotton Wick + Quartz Coil.

Standard 510 Thread

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