Pre-rolls like no one else

Solutions to Cut Labor,
Cut Time, and Cut Cost.

It is preparation meets opportunity.  We apply common sense in industrial design to develop effective automated solutions for existing market industries and our clients. KüngTech’s team of innovators provide answers to challenges you have yet to discover in your business.
The aim is to eliminate the unnecessary by creating the ultimate Mechanical Applications of all equipment.  Engineering tangible, solid and practical solutions that make people- and efficient-sense by design, prototype, production and results-driven collaboration.


Everything that touches the flower can be easily removed and  washed in minutes.


KüngTech solutions are designed to help youreduce your product loss down to 0%.


Perfectly even particles and perfectly packed pre-rolls every time.


Work with multiple strains without any fear of cross contamination.

Magnum GPCx Gravity Packing Centrifuge

The Magnum is custom made for the Cannabis industry, dynamically balanced, and boasts our black-hole design which offers more weight per swing and the maximum power while retaining its compact size for work-friendly operations.

Design. Build. Innovate.

Our patent-pending system is elegantly engineered with a design that will give you speed (a pound in 30 seconds) while preserving the integrity of your product and its trichomes. Our unique cutting teeth and plate structure are designed to minimize any product loss, and deliver an ultra-consistent cut with one pass through.

Vexar Shredder

One of its kind. Immaculately engineered machine complex yet simple in method and robust in capabilities. We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, we made it better. Consistently and concisely shred one pound of dried product into ready-to-process product within minutes.

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