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Finally, a Carbon Negative
Solution to Plastic Utensils

Hemptensils is the Top Environmental Choice for Compostable Utensils. Why? The best way to reduce Greenhouse Gases and plastic waste is to not make them in the first place. 

FDA-approved, hemp based products are Carbon Negative, due to hemps incredible ability to convert large volumes of CO2 gasses as it’s grown.

GMO Free

All source products are organically grown.

No Petroleum

A truly carbon negative solution requires that we use no petroleum in our products. This is not a partial mix, we use 100% natural compounds!


Finally, a fully landfill compostable plastic. This means you can throw them in the trash without worry, as no additional post-processing is needed for nature to break these down and return the elements back into the earth.

BPA Free

Exposure to BPA is a health concern that is as old as plastics. Let’s not go backwards! 

Retail & Sample - Personal Use

Affordable, sustainable utensils for your home or small business. Reduce your own carbon footprint by making the easy switch to a product you can truly believe in.

Bulk Purchase (Wholesale)

Large Restaurants, franchises, or suppliers – we have you covered. We’ll ship you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. We have wholesale pricing available so you don’t have to break your bank to reduce your carbon footprint! 

Food Service Suppliers

If you’re a distribution agency or large scale supplier, we have pricing specifically for you. Contact a sales rep to begin a conversation about sub-distribution within Canada.

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